Thursday, 7 November 2019

Tennis Week 4

Today for tennis we were practicing our volley wit our rackets. A volley is when you lean forward and slightly hit the racket so that the ball gently goes to the other side of the net. I compared the difference from me to the profesional tennis player. There was 4 differences in this comparing. The racket, body, legs and arms. I was almost the same as the professional tennis player. On the day we also practiced our volley hitting and trying to keep vollying. This week was fun and next week we are going to be practicing serving.

Panmure Bridge School Collage

Today I created this DLO that shows the life at PBS (Panmure Bridge School). This shows photos of what we are doing at PBS. Matthew and I worked together on this activity. All these photos are from special events and at school. I am doing this blog post for a respect badge. This is why I like to come to PBS.

Respected Leader DLO

Today I created a DLO about respected leaders. A respected leader is a person that is looked up to or respected by a lot of people or mainly more than one person. An example of a respected leader is Moon Jae-in or Jacinda Ardern. They are both respected leaders by lots of people because they are people that are respected by peolpe in the country. I created this DLO for the respect care award.

Wasp Life Cycle

This week for reading we created a DLO showing the life cycle of a wasp. It starts off with the queen wasp laying eggs, then the eggs turn into larvael, then the larvae turn into pupae, then into a drone, queen wasp or a worker wasp. We were going to make an animation, but it was too hard so we changed it to a DLO.

Current events

New Zealand News Articles

Each day, newspaper editors make desisions everyday about which current event stories they will run.  We explored that different types of current events that are happening in NZ, thought about why the story made the news and plotted the location on a google map. We were creating a Map DLO that shows differet types of Articles that happend in New Zealand. The types of articles we were to find were Timeliness, Relevance, Magnitude, Unexpectedness, Impact, Reference to someone iportant or famous, Oddity, Conflict, Reference to something negative, Continuity, Emotions and Progress. The most shocking one I found was the measles outbreak with more that 1,000 people affected. My Group (Matthew, Karlos and I) found 7 news articles that took place in New Zealand. The most unusual one I found was that Russia Accidently replaced New Zealand With Japan on their news channel. Our Task was to find current events that were happening or that happened in New Zealand so that we could grow our knowledge about what has been happening or what has happened in New Zealand.

Market Day Maths Game

Today for maths we played a market day maths game. It was about income, balance, discounts, profits and practicing for our market day. We spent $115 on renting to sell on the market day game. Matthew and I were partners for this activity. I made $121 and Matthew made $77. I had a $6 profit and Matthew had a negitave $38 profit. I would say I gave away 5 discounts, but still made enough money to make a profit. The purpose of this activity is to practice our market skills so we know how everything works when it comes to selling on market days.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Firework Safety

Today Karlos, Matthew and I went to room 3 to present our presentation about firework safety. We had 6 instructions to stay safe during guy fawkes night. We had images of what we were talking about. We were doing this so that the juniours can understand why it is important to be safe near fireworks. It's good to be a role modle for younger chindren.